What Do Water Fluoridation Supporters Say?

British Dental Association:

“The BDA is pleased with [a program to expand fluoridation in southwest England] because it is likely to encourage consultation on similar schemes in other parts of the country where fluoride could help address the poor dental health of the population.”

“A recent European summary of the latest scientific evidence reiterated the view that water fluoridation is a safe and effective method of reducing oral health inequalities.”

British Dental Health Foundation:

“Fluoride was added to the Birmingham supply in 1964 and the difference in dental health compared to the neighbouring population in non-fluoridated Sandwell was stark. When Sandwell’s water was fluoridated in 1987 it transformed levels of oral health, putting a poor borough amongst the top ten areas for dental health in the country.”

British Medical Association:

“The BMA remains committed to the fluoridation of mains water supplies, after appropriate public consultation, on the grounds of effectiveness, safety and equity.”

British Working Party on the Fluoridation of Water and Cancer:

“There is ample evidence, from many places and over many years, that fluoridation of the public water supply leads to a substantial reduction in dental caries, with all that means in prevention of suffering, inconvenience and unnecessary cost. It can be shown that the beneficial effect of fluoride is significant, whatever other measures are taken in relation to sound nutrition and
preventive dental practice.

“… We have reviewed studies of cancer rates in relation to fluoride naturally present in drinking water and in relation to fluoridation of water supplies. We have found no evidence in these studies to suggest that fluoride or fluoridation is associated with increased cancer rates. … Indeed, the populations with greater exposure to fluoride in water tended to have slightly lower rates of cancer mortality and incidence.

“… We have found nothing in any of the major classes of epidemiological evidence which could lead us to conclude that either fluoride occurring naturally in water, or fluoride added to water supplies, is capable of inducing cancer, or of increasing the mortality from cancer.”

Canadian Dental Association:

“Fluoride is added to public drinking water to protect all members of the community from tooth decay. Community water fluoridation is a safe and effective way of preventing tooth decay at a low cost.”

Canadian Public Health Association

“In 1945, Brantford, Ontario became the first Canadian community to test water fluoridation, thereby achieving a 54% reduction in decay experienced by 8-year-olds.”

“In Quebec, for instance, less than 7% of the population has access to fluoridated water. A study of the oral health of children between 1990 and 1999 found that kindergarten children in Quebec had 40% more cavities than children in Ontario and the United States, and that tooth decay affects 56% of Quebec children in Grade 2.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

The CDC named the “fluoridation of drinking water” as one of “10 great public health achievements” of the 20th century.

C. Everett Koop, MD, Surgeon General under President Ronald Reagan:

“… I encourage the dental profession in communities which do not enjoy the benefits of an optimally fluoridated drinking water supply to exercise effective leadership in bringing the concentration to within an optimum level.”

Children’s Dental Health Project:

“Water fluoridation is particularly beneficial during childhood and in adolescence when cavity experience first begins. Not only do children who drink fluoridated water have fewer cavities but their cavities are smaller and less deep when they do occur.”

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

“Just how effective is fluoridated water? Thanks to it, dentists say half of kids between 5 and 17 have never had a cavity in their permanent teeth.”

Council of State Governments:

“… states need to reduce expenditures in Medicaid budgets and studies have proven that communities benefiting from fluoridated water use fewer Medicaid dollars to treat dental decay.

“… simply by drinking water, everyone, especially those without access to regular dental care, can benefit from fluoridation’s cavity protection whether they are at home, work or school.”