What Do Water Fluoridation Supporters Say?

American Dietetic Association:

“The American Dietetic Association reaffirms that fluoride is an important element for all mineralized tissues in the body. Appropriate fluoride exposure and usage is beneficial to bone and tooth integrity and, as such, has an important, positive impact on health throughout life.”

American Federation of Teachers:

“The good news is that tooth decay and other oral diseases are preventable. The combination of dental sealants and fluoride has the potential to nearly eliminate tooth decay in school-age children.”

American Medical Association:

“The AMA recognizes the important public health benefits of drinking properly fluoridated water and encourages its member physicians and medical societies to work with local and state health departments, dental societies, and concerned citizens to assure the optimal fluoridation of community drinking water supplies”

American Osteopathic Association:

“The American Osteopathic Association supports the fluoridation of fluoride-deficient public water supply.”

American Public Health Association:

“Dental caries (tooth decay) continues to be the most common chronic disease of childhood, and dental caries incidence for adults exceeds that of children. Although there are gross oral health disparities for minorities, eliminating health disparities is an overarching priority area for APHA. Community water fluoridation has been shown to be the most cost-effective public health measure for the primary prevention of dental caries and has been shown to be the most effective public health strategy to reduce disparities in dental caries between ethnic and racial groups. … APHA Reiterates its strong endorsement and recommendation for the fluoridation of all community water systems as a safe and effective public health measure for the prevention of tooth decay”

“Much of the credit for the nation’s better oral health can be attributed to the decision in the 1940s to begin adding fluoride to public drinking water systems.”

American Society for Clinical Nutrition:

“… the American Society for Clinical Nutrition agrees that fluoridation of community water supplies to an optimum level wherever the natural level is less than optimum is a safe, economical, and effective measure to improve dental health by improving nutrition.”

American Water Works Association:

“The American Water Works Association supports the recommendations of the World Health Organization, American Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control, American Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, and other national organizations in the medical community, for the fluoridation of public water supplies as a public health benefit.”

Andrew Burnham, Secretary of State for Health (2009-10), United Kingdom:

“Let’s press ahead with fluoridation of water supplies, given the clear evidence that it can improve children’s dental health.

Association of State & Territorial Dental Directors:

“The Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) fully supports and endorses community water fluoridation in all public water systems at the optimal level recommended by the US Public Health Service”

Audrey F. Manley, MD, MPH, Surgeon General under President Bill Clinton:

“Water fluoridation continues to be the cornerstone of community oral disease prevention. The benefits of fluoridation are available, on average, for little more than $0.50 per person per year, and even less, in large communities.”

Australian Dental Association:

“Drinking fluoridated water several times a day is the ideal way to give your teeth a quick fluoride treatment.”

“… Fluoride from fluoridated water is found in saliva and provides a wonderful, low concentration fluoride treatment for your teeth.”