Thank Your Water Utility Operator

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Water utility personnel are the unsung heroes of public health. The important work they do ensures that we have clean, safe drinking water. Where fluoridated, that water supply helps reduce dental disease for children and adults by as much as 25%.

Utility operators don’t receive a lot of recognition for the important contribution they make to public health. On the contrary. Increasingly they find themselves on the front line of opposition to water fluoridation and have been persuaded to cease operations. That’s why the Campaign for Dental Health has created a webpage and handout just for them.

Interest and accolades from you can have an important positive impact. Here are suggestions for how you can support water operators and counter fluoridation opposition.

  • Tour your local water plant.Operator; public health
  • Express interest in the process and their work.
  • Thank them for providing safe drinking water to their residents.
  • Thank them for providing fluoride to help prevent cavities.
  • Health practitioner? Share the story of a patient that illustrates the importance of disease prevention.
  • Let them know the impact they are having.
  • Help them feel like a member of the health care team.

Unable to visit? No problem! Pick up the phone and call using the same messages. And ask others to do the same. You know how good it feels to be appreciated. Let’s do the same for the people behind the tap.