Proof Around the Globe

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How do we know community water fluoridation (CWF) is effective? Because the research says so. We are talking about literally hundreds of studies, including those that examined the safety of fluoridation and its positive impact on reducing the tooth decay rates. The U.S. Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends fluoridation based on its review of 161 fluoride-related studies from recent years. Numerous other studies show how fluoridation benefits both children and adults.

And U.S. researchers are not the only ones who have examined the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation. A lot of research from other countries has been released in recent years confirming fluoridation’s crucial role in prevention. The Proof Around The Globe: Fluoridation is Safe and Effective one-pager summarizes four examples of reports or studies that were conducted overseas, strengthening the case for communities to fluoridate drinking water.

Fluoridation started in America, but the scientific evidence of its benefits has been established around the globe.