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Assess risk, apply fluoride, and refer?

Pediatric offices are encouraged to offer oral health risk assessment, anticipatory guidance, fluoride varnish, and referral to a dental home. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) and/or Medicaid cover some services in all states. Through the Affordable Care Act, private insurers should cover fluoride varnish in the primary care setting with no cost-sharing, but specific plan rules may vary.

The following are examples of state-based programs that serve as models for implementing programs and provide training guides or other tested tools. Explore health departments, medical-dental training programs, and payers in your state for additional models.

Cavity Free at Three

From the First Tooth

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Children

AAP practice tools will help facilitate inter-professional referral and bi-directional communication between pediatricians, dentists, and their professional colleagues (nurses, hygienists, assistants).

How to create a Dental Referral Resource Sheet for your practice

Questions to Ask When Calling a Dental Provider

Pediatric Medical-to-Dental Care Referral Form on Protect Tiny Teeth

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