Community Water Fluoridation – It’s the Least We Can Do for Our Kids

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America is one of the most advanced countries in the world. One reason why is our great public health system. Community water fluoridation is enjoyed by 75% of the nation. It is responsible for huge reductions in tooth decay for people of all ages. Be proud to support community water fluoridation in your community.

The Campaign for Dental Health is pleased to provide supporters of community water fluoridation (CWF) with seven shareable images. These are designed to place CWF at the center of values that are shared by communities and individuals alike: pride of place, doing what’s best for children, and maintaining healthy practices that benefit everyone. These shareable images draw on our trust in doctors and dentists to demonstrate that – as parents, too – they support the safety and effectiveness of community water fluoridation, a value we think will resonate with self-directed young parents. And we tap into the American sense of progress and pride to inspire a desire to provide and protect high public health standards.

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