Build Momentum for #HealthyCommunities During National Public Health Week

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National Public Health Week is coming, April 3-10, 2017, and what better time to talk about building #HealthyCommunities.

The Campaign for Dental Health, a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics, supports community water fluoridation (CWF) because it is an evidence-based, time-tested preventive measure that benefits entire communities, especially children. It’s as simple and easy as drinking water. Community water fluoridation builds #HealthyCommunities.

Together with a group of national partners, we invite you to participate in two events that will allow you to shine a light on the organizations, community groups, and leaders who are making a difference by contributing in their own unique ways to building #HealthyCommunities. Participants will share their strategies for policies and practices that help communities strengthen health and wellness.


Blog Carnival — Monday thru Wednesday, April 3-5
Post blogs about your organization’s unique role in building #HealthyCommunities. Be sure to include the hashtag in each blog article.  Topics for blog articles might include:

  • Local “health heroes” and how they are making a difference in their communities
  • Tool-kits, data, or other resources that others can use to build healthy communities
  • The role of libraries, after-school programs, Meals on Wheels, and other programs in addressing the social determinants that create obstacles for healthy communities


Social Media Storm — Thursday, April 6 (2 pm ET/11 am PT)
We invite everyone to participate in a one-hour “storm” via their Twitter or Facebook accounts, promoting their blog posts, sharing interesting resources, and spotlighting initiatives that strengthen communities. Sample social media messages are available at Use the #HealthyCommunities hashtag and watch the momentum grow!


Join these #HealthyCommunities activities to share your resources, efforts, collaborations, and insights on building healthy communities. For more information, click here for the comprehensive social media kit. And thank you!