Fluoride Really Saved our Teeth

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Maria Marquez is a pediatrician in the nation’s capital and a champion of children’s oral health. She knows from both professional and personal experience how much difference water with fluoride means to the health of children’s teeth. That’s why she shared her personal story with us in this new video, Fluoride Really Saved our Teeth.

With family origins in Europe and Latin America, she knows firsthand what a difference preventive measures can make. “I grew up in a country that had no fluoride in the water, and that can be very detrimental to the community. My mother’s family was European and my father’s family was Latin American. When my father saw how bad kids’ teeth were in Europe, he knew we didn’t have fluoridated water. Even as little girls, my sisters and I were already going to the dentist to have drilling. He decided that we had to have fluoride and found a nearby country that made fluoride supplements. He brought these to us and said, “You need to take these every day.” Since then I’ve never had a cavity in my life. I’ve never had a tooth pulled, and I’m about 50 years old. Fluoride really saved our teeth.”

In order for children to be healthy, they must have healthy teeth. Healthy kids and healthy families build strong communities. That’s why we call it community water fluoridation!