Fluoride Exposed is the New Host for Fluoride Science

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Fluoride Exposed is the new host for Fluoride Science. FluorideScience.org – by the Center for Fluoride Research Analysis – is produced by an independent board of experts in the field. It has been an invaluable resource for topic summaries, critical appraisals, reviews, commentaries, and interviews on fluoride research. Last year, the site had gone down, and was without hosting. Fluoride Exposed partnered with the editorial board to provide a space for Fluoride Science’s excellent work to remain up and secure on the web – all while the Fluoride Science editorial board retains its independence. Fluoride Exposed provides technical know-how in re-publishing the unpublished articles and maintaining the web infrastructure. The Fluoride Science editorial board provides the scientific know-how in the critical appraisals and reviews they have conducted. Currently, five of Fluoride Science’s topic summaries are back up – on Bone CancerDental CariesEnamel FluorosisEndocrine Disorders, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Four of the articles on specific fluoride research papers are back up, and one of the most important resources, the Fluoride Science review of the anti-caries mechanism of fluoride, which is unique on the web as a public review of the mechanisms and their evidence.

Fluoride; Fluoride ScienceIn the coming weeks, Fluoride Exposed will re-publish even more of Fluoride Science’s original materials – signup for updates from Fluoride Exposed here to keep posted on resources that go back up and other updates on Fluoride Exposed science communication work: https://fluorideexposed.mailchimpsites.com/.