From the Front Line

St Croix Falls, MN Restores Water Fluoridation

April 19, 2013 Communities Supporting Fluoride

A split city council vote in St Croix Falls, Minnesota on April 8, 2013 was broken by Mayor Brian Biesi casting the deciding vote in favor of restoring water fluoridation. This vote reversed the previous decision made by the city council on February 11 to discontinue community water fluoridation. The… » Read Full Post

St Croix Falls, Wisconsin Town Votes for Fluoridation

April 17, 2013 Communities Supporting Fluoride

The Wisconsin city of St. Croix Falls voted last week to resume water fluoridation after being brief from experts on dental health and the fluoridation process. Fluoridation reduces tooth decay by 25 percent over a person's lifetime. The council had voted in February to end the health practice, but that… » Read Full Post

The Truth About Fluoride Additives

April 16, 2013 What the Experts Say about Fluoride

Opponents of fluoridation make a long list of claims about fluoridated water, but they don't reflect the scientific evidence that has been gathered over the years. For example, anti-fluoride groups try to create fear among the public by asserting that the fluoride additives used in fluoridation are dangerous because they… » Read Full Post

Tampa Bay Times Wins Pulitzer for Pro-Fluoride Editorials

April 15, 2013 Fluoride in the News

We just learned that the Tampa Bay Times has won a Pulitzer Prize for the series of editorials it published supporting community water fluoridation and challenging the misleading rhetoric from opponents. Parents, oral health advocates and other citizens in Pinellas County, Florida were angered when the county commission voted in… » Read Full Post

Fluoridation Continues in Hampton, Iowa

April 11, 2013 Communities Supporting Fluoride

Many families in Hampton, Iowa are feeling relieved after town officials announced this week that they will no longer explore the possibility of ending water fluoridation. Last month, Hampton's mayor raised the idea of ceasing fluoridation, but things changed after word spread and many residents reacted negatively to the potential… » Read Full Post

Portland Group Cherry-Picking Science

April 8, 2013 Fluoride in the News

The Oregonian newspaper has posted a letter from a local resident who recently visited the website of an anti-fluoride group in Portland. The website belongs to a group called "Clean Water Portland" and the resident, Jeff Azerrad, wanted to see what evidence the group had for its claims that fluoridated… » Read Full Post

City Council Gets it Right in North Carolina

April 4, 2013 Communities Supporting Fluoride

The city council members in Mebane, North Carolina, took the right approach.  When a handful of people recently pressured them to end community water fluoridation, they turned to experts who could share clinical and scientific evidence. Councilman Ed Hooks put it this way: “We’re not chemists. We have to make… » Read Full Post

Natural Nonsense

April 2, 2013 Facts about Fluoride

It's not hard to see why some people are confused about fluoride and aren't aware of the benefits of consuming fluoridated water. A variety of websites post many pages of content that make allegations without bothering to provide any science that backs up what they claim. Exhibit A: This article… » Read Full Post

The Cost of Giving Into Fear

April 1, 2013 Communities Supporting Fluoride

Anti-fluoride activists are persistent and vocal, and these traits can sometimes mislead elected officials into believing these activists speak for most of the community. And there can be hidden costs when local officials give into the unfounded fears that fluoride opponents raise. Consider the experience of Scappoose, Oregon — a town… » Read Full Post

The Facts Behind the Tea and Skeletal Fluorosis Article

March 28, 2013 Facts about Fluoride

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) recently published an article that may create confusion for some people who only glanced at the headlines it generated. One such headline was this: “Too Much Tea Can Result in Skeletal Fluorosis.” Some anti-fluoride groups hype this fear with irresponsible content like this. But… » Read Full Post