From the Front Line

Oral Health Equity: Building Coalitions to Tackle Disparities

August 9, 2016 Campaign for Dental Health News Partners in Fluoride

By: Ashley Suchyta, Campaign for Dental Health Intern This was my second year helping prepare the Campaign for Dental Health annual fluoridation meeting. This year’s meeting, on the theme of Oral Health Equity: Building Coalitions to Tackle Disparities, could have not gone better. The main purpose of the Campaign for… » Read Full Post

City Officials Learn the Hard Way about Fluoridation

July 26, 2016 Fluoride in the News

City council members, water board commissioners and other elected officials have a tough task when someone brings the issue of water fluoridation to their attention. This topic has been researched for more than 70 years, and thousands of studies have been conducted on fluoride or fluoridation. Figuring out which studies… » Read Full Post

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

July 18, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Facts about Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health

What did you think about oral health when you were five years old? Chances are you didn’t think about it at all, unless you had a painful cavity. We asked preschoolers to talk about how brushing their teeth keeps them healthy and strong. See what these four, five and six… » Read Full Post

Fluoride Really Saved our Teeth

July 18, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Facts about Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health Fluoride, Oral Health, and Access to Care What the Experts Say about Fluoride

Maria Marquez is a pediatrician in the nation’s capital and a champion of children’s oral health. She knows from both professional and personal experience how much difference water with fluoride means to the health of children’s teeth. That’s why she shared her personal story with us in this new video,… » Read Full Post

Cavities Get Around

July 14, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Partners in Fluoride

We hate to admit it, but while fruit juice may be a readily-available alternative to perishable fruit, it contains a concentrated amount of sugar and contributes to the unhealthy levels of added sugar Americans consume every day. Added sugar contributes widely to weight gain, obesity, risk for diabetes and cardiovascular… » Read Full Post

National Toxicology Review of Fluoride

July 12, 2016 Facts about Fluoride What the Experts Say about Fluoride

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently read a research review of fluoride that was conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), and the CDC released a letter declaring that it “maintains its confidence that optimally fluoridated drinking water is a safe and effective tool to… » Read Full Post

Now Available – Three New Posters and Shareable Images

July 6, 2016 Campaign for Dental Health News Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health

The Campaign for Dental Health is pleased to share three new posters and shareable images (memes) in Spanish and English. Designed to help share positive messages about community water fluoridation (CWF), health equity, drinking water, and children’s oral health, these are available in two forms. We encourage you to visit… » Read Full Post

Tap Water and Quality Standards

June 3, 2016 Fluoride and Public Health What the Experts Say about Fluoride

A Philadelphia newspaper recently asked Dr Neilanjan Nandi about things people should know if they drink bottled water or reuse the same plastic bottles. Dr Nandi is an assistant professor at the Drexel University College of Medicine. Among other things, Dr Nandi offered a helpful reminder that most brands of… » Read Full Post

Connecticut’s Strong Water Fluoridation Workgroup’s Statewide Victory

May 13, 2016 Communities Supporting Fluoride Fluoride in the News

Connecticut, the first state ever to approve a law assuring residents’ access to fluoridated water, successfully amended that law this month. While maintaining guaranteed access, the state changed the level of fluoride to the amount now recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which reflects the current… » Read Full Post

More Doggone Myths about Fluoride

May 9, 2016 Facts about Fluoride

Last month, the published Dog health problems linked to excessive fluoride, an article filled with false claims about fluoride’s effect on dogs. Although the Examiner states that each of its contributing writers should be a “knowledgeable subject matter expert,” the claims made in this article fail to meet that… » Read Full Post