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A Coordinated System That Includes Fluoridation

February 11, 2016 Fluoride, Oral Health, and Access to Care Partners in Fluoride

Even though tooth decay is nearly always a preventable disease, nearly one in four preschool-age children have experienced a cavity. A new online resource points to the need for a “coordinated system” approach to make early childhood cavities a thing of the past. And community water fluoridation is a key… » Read Full Post

American Fluoridation Society Targets Inaccurate Information in U.S. Communities

January 29, 2016 Partners in Fluoride

Although the leading health, medical and scientific organizations continue to recommend community water fluoridation as a valuable tool to reduce tooth decay, anti-fluoride groups have become increasingly successful at using the internet to misinform, confuse or needlessly frighten the public. To combat this, a group of dental and medical professionals recently announced… » Read Full Post

Water + Schools = Student Weight Loss

January 28, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health

Making drinking water readily available in New York City public schools demonstrates that this easy, low cost intervention helps fight obesity. A study by researchers at New York University and Syracuse University analyzed data on more than one million students in 1,227 elementary and middle schools with and without water… » Read Full Post

Lessons to Guide Local Advocates

January 26, 2016 Facts about Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health What the Experts Say about Fluoride

Although most attempts to end community water fluoridation (CWF) fail, these challenges continue to arise. Over the past 12 months, critics have attacked the practice in a number of communities — from Denver, Colorado to Collier County, Florida. Fortunately, the scientific evidence is on our side. But is that enough?… » Read Full Post

Journalist’s Resource Takes On Fluoride Misinformation

January 22, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Facts about Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health What the Experts Say about Fluoride

Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy Journalist’s Resource recently published Fluoride in water in the United States and public health misinformation: Research review. Authors Brittany A. Seymour and Denise-Marie Ordway identify the rapid spread of misinformation online and caution journalists against creating a “false balance” in their… » Read Full Post

Fluoride: Water Isn’t the Only Vehicle Used

January 21, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Communities Supporting Fluoride Fluoride and Public Health Fluoride in the News

In Europe, a variety of methods are used to ensure that fluoride’s benefits reach a large population of children and adults. Ireland, England and Spain have water fluoridation programs that reach nearly 13 million people. Several areas of Italy have natural fluoride levels that are high enough to help prevent… » Read Full Post

America’s Approach to Science

January 19, 2016 Facts about Fluoride What the Experts Say about Fluoride

We are surrounded by controversy, even in areas of science that are seemingly built upon facts. But as Danielle Teller discusses in a recent blog on Quartz, America makes the mistake of treating science as a bunch of facts when it is really a process of critical thinking. Community water… » Read Full Post

Primary School Kids ‘Eat Own Weight in Sugar’

January 7, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride

Sugar Boy has an important message for us. We consume too much sugar, a fact confirmed in the 2015-20 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, which call for Americans to cut added sugars by 10%. But how? It’s easy. Replace sugary drinks with water. And for added protection against tooth decay, make sure… » Read Full Post

A Perfect Pair: Bedtime and Brushing

January 5, 2016 Children's Oral Health and Fluoride Partners in Fluoride

The message of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Brush, Book, Bed has resonated with a group of pediatric dental students, staff, and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. It has inspired them to create a program (Books, Brushing, and Bedtime) for their patients as well… » Read Full Post

Star Athlete Endorses…Drinking Water!

December 22, 2015 Fluoride in the News

When was the last time you saw an athlete like basketball’s Stephen Curry choose to endorse something as healthful as drinking water? On December 17, 2015, Brita®, which makes water filtration products, announced a three-year deal with Steph Curry to promote not only Brita® but the health benefits of drinking… » Read Full Post

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