The Campaign for Dental Health (CDH) is a broad network of oral health advocates, health professionals, child and family organizations, and scientists who are working together to preserve our nation’s gains in oral health. More than 140 local, state, and national organizations are partners in the CDH. Our organizational allies are coming together to ensure that children get the basic dental care they need to grow, learn and lead healthy lives – through water fluoridation and education. Contact us to find out how to become a Campaign partner.

Aetna Better Health IL
American Academy of Pediatrics, Colorado Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics DC
American Academy of Pediatrics, Missouri Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics RI
American Dental Hygienists Association
American Fluoridation Society
Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs
Children's Dental Services
First Focus
Idaho Oral Health Alliance
Mecklenburg County Medical Society
Minnesota Oral Health Coalition
National Association of Community Health Centers
National Association of School Nurses
National Drinking Water Alliance
New Hampshire Oral Health Coalition
North Carolina Oral Health Collaborative
Operation Grace MN
Operation Healthy Family
Oral Health Forum
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Office of Rural Health
Pierce County Oral Health Coalition
Rhode Island Oral Health Commission
Tacoma Pierce County Health Department
Utah Department of Health
Washington State Oral Health Coalition
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