New Zealand Communities Choose Fluoride

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Three communities in New Zealand recently reaffirmed their support for oral health and water fluoridation. Residents in Whakatane and Hastings voted to retain optimally fluoridated water, and Hamilton voters overwhelming supported resuming fluoridation.

“The results of this referendum on fluoridation are a vote for science, public health, and less dental decay. Well done to the people of Hamilton, who have shown more common sense than many of their own city councilors,” commented a local specialist in public health dentistry.

This summer, anti-fluoridation activists lobbied Hamilton’s city council to remove the mineral from the water supply, taking away the health benefits of water fluoridation from thousands of residents. The recent vote in favor of fluoridation paves the way for residents to regain the protection that fluoride offers.

In light of these votes, public health officials in other local communities are hoping to add fluoride to their local water supplies.