What does a physician have to say about teeth? Lots!

Posted & filed under Children's Oral Health and Fluoride.

Our friends at The Mighty Mouth have done a fantastic job using video to promote good oral health. Some of our favorites are those featuring Dr. Ben Danielson, a pediatrician in Seattle, Washington with lots to say about the oral health of kids and expectant mothers.

Dr. Ben Danielson reviews smart snacks for a healthy mouth: Choosing healthy snacks can lead to healthy teeth! Watch Dr. Ben Danielson – with a really big carrot – talk about smart snacks!

Dr. Ben Danielson shares best brushing practices: Children with healthy baby teeth are more likely to have good oral health for life. Watch Dr. Ben Danielson – with an enormous tooth brush – talk about best brushing practices!

Dr. Ben Danielson discusses child’s first dental screening: Did you know? It’s important to take care of baby’s teeth starting with their very first tooth! Learn why.

Dr. Ben Danielson shares how to keep your child’s mouth healthy: Cavities are preventable – and prevention saves you money. Learn more about helping your child have a healthy mouth.

Dr. Ben Danielson discusses importance of prenatal dental care: Know anyone who is getting ready to have a baby? Good oral health during pregnancy is important for mom and baby.

Dr. Ben Danielson explains why baby teeth matter: Keeping baby teeth healthy will help your child enjoy a lifetime of better teeth.

We hope you enjoy these brief, informative videos as much as we do. Oh. While you’re on YouTube, check out Lou the Toothfairy. He’s a hoot!