Vampires Know Life is Better with Teeth (or Fangs)

Posted & filed under Children's Oral Health and Fluoride.

Happy Halloween from the Campaign for Dental Health! When we think of Halloween, we think of candy, but there are so many more fun ways to celebrate this spooky holiday. If you choose one of them over a handful of chocolate or chewy candy your teeth will thank you.

Dentures with from the American Academy of Pediatrics shares tips on how to have safe and healthy Halloween from what to consider when choosing a costume, to trying to have kids eat a healthy meal before hitting the candy trail. You can also check out some fun and teeth healthy recipes to make clementine pumpkins, apple slice vampire teeth, or banana ghosts! Remember bobbing for apples? Kids will love to give this vintage activity a try and apples are a great snack to keep teeth healthy.

When you do indulge in the treats of Halloween (and we all do!), enjoy them with a glass of water with fluoride and end the night with 2 minutes of brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Your vampire fangs will thank you, because Life is Better with Teeth.

More Halloween fun to keep smiles healthy: