The Tooth Fairy Gave You How Much?

Posted & filed under Children's Oral Health and Fluoride.

Kids these days. We remember back when we lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy left us a quarter or maybe, if we were lucky, a crisp dollar bill. Times sure have changed.

Tooth Fairy Graph

On August 22, we are joining in on the celebration of National Tooth Fairy Day! Now children may receive a $5 bill covered in glitter (that’s $100 dollars for all 20 teeth!) or even a wisp of sparkle across their cheek as the tooth fairy delicately prances across their faces to get to her prize under the pillow.

In terms of oral health, the Tooth Fairy is a great way to raise awareness about the importance of healthy teeth with children and their families. Children love the story (which ever you choose) and it gives parents, teachers, health professionals and others the opportunity to talk about good oral hygiene, diet and nutrition, topical fluoride, and the importance of community water fluoridation.

If you are up for Tooth Fairy 2.0, check out these FREE resources to help make the experience fun and an important time to talk about oral health.