There’s No Reason to Argue About Fluoridation

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In Rockport, Massachusetts, opponents to community water fluoridation (CWF) continue to challenge the practice and The Boston Globe continues to fire back with solid reporting of the activities happening there. This time, Dante Ramos describes his experience attending a community forum on the topic and his interactions with some of the attendees. He also delineates his efforts to sort through the science provided to him:

“An individual word on a screen starts to look funny if you stare at it too long; maybe the same is true of public health measures, too. I clicked through the long list of citations that one anti-fluoridation activist had sent along, and soon enough was drowning in studies whose significance was entirely murky, at least to me. In these situations, throwing up your hands and relying on trained professionals isn’t a surrender. It’s a survival tactic.”

CWF has been studied for years and time and time again the experts reaffirm it as a safe and effective practice. We agree!