Presentation Now Available On False Claims about Fluoridated Water Reducing IQ Scores

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Fluoride & IQ Scores_CDHThe Campaign for Dental Health wants to encourage a public conversation that is focused on scientific evidence. We continue to explore new ways to present this evidence, and we’re introducing one new approach today to help shed light on the claims that anti-fluoride groups make about IQ scores.

Instead of reading a long research document or sitting through an hour-long webinar, you have a new option. You can now access this brief presentation titled Fluoride & IQ Scores: What the Research Shows that walks you through the claims made about fluoride and IQ scores. This format enables you to move through these slides at your own pace and go back to review earlier slides. As you will see, sources are cited at the bottom of each slide so you know the study, article or report from which the information is derived.

We hope you find this presentation helpful. If you know a friend or colleague who has mentioned the fluoride-IQ assertion, share these slides with them.