Washington Physician Praises Fluoridation’s Impact

Posted & filed under Children's Oral Health and Fluoride.

Dr Deb Nulty, a family physician in Everett, Washington, praises the impact that community water fluoridation has had on the health and wellness of her community. In this guest newspaper column, she writes:

“… the price tag for water fluoridation is miniscule compared to the cost of treating cavities later on. The annual average cost to fluoridate is less than $1 per person per year, while the cost of treating each cavity over a lifetime is about $2,000.

“… As a family physician I have seen patients from communities with and without water fluoridation. In my experience, those who receive the benefits of community water fluoridation have less decay and are much healthier. Kids from non-fluoridated communities will not only have more cavities now but also are far more likely to have problems with oral health and face higher treatment costs throughout their life. Unfortunately, this is the probable fate of children in communities like Portland, Ore., that reject water fluoridation.”