Newspapers and Fact-Checkers Agree: Anti-Fluoride Activists Not Credible

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From California to Wisconsin, and from Alaska to Florida, unbiased fact checkers and reputable news organizations agree: anti-fluoride claims are unfounded:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
(Editorial published on May 31, 2012)
“… their arguments, no doubt sincere, aren’t based on much more than anecdote,
conjecture and studies that aren’t particular relevant to the U.S. practice
of community water fluoridation.”

The Nation’s Health
(News article published in July 2011)
“… water fluoridation is under fire from some who claim its health benefits
are overblown and that fluoridation creates a higher risk for heart disease
and cancer.  There is no valid science supporting these claims … and yet they
persist, kept afloat by Internet rumors and misinformation.”
(News analysis published on April 19, 2011)

“(A Texas) resident says fluoride compound added to local water supply is
‘toxic waste’ … We rate the statement False.”

Anchorage Press
(News article published on August 8, 2013)

“The objectors (to water fluoridation) are often accused of exploiting quack
science and they’ve been known to promote conspiracy theories
that often get them ridiculed.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
(News story published on November 27, 2011)

“Many studies against fluoridation or proving negative health effects have
reportedly been papers published at low-tier journals or studies
withdrawn after being published.”

Scientific American
(Blog post published on May 22, 2013)

“When new medical treatments are implemented, when new drugs are
introduced into the populace, there is always some hesitation. There are
(hopefully) some clinical trials to back up the new intervention, but the
long-term implications are often unclear. Water fluoridation doesn’t have this problem.
For over 65 years, it has been rigorously tested as a public health measure, and
considered one of the most successful measures of the last 100 years …”

Science Blogs
(Commentary article published on May 23, 2013)

“ … the antifluoride forces (in Oregon) were playing on the public’s fear of
chemicals and misunderstanding of chemistry to make fluoridation seem a lot
more scary than it is.  Actually, it’s not scary at all.  As always, the dose makes the
poison, and the levels used in municipal water supplies has a long history of safety.”

Tampa Bay Times
(Editorial published on March 17, 2012)

“The fluoride fight raises larger questions about our values: Are we going to
let scare tactics trump established science? … The opponents are small in
number but vocal, determined and ready with distortions, half-truths
and misstatements.”

Community water fluoridation has made great strides in improving people’s health and well-being throughout the United States for more than 60 years. Unfortunately, anti-fluoride activists continue linking water fortified with fluoride—a naturally occurring mineral—to a long list of health issues despite never offering credible evidence. Experts throughout the health care, dental, and scientific fields say that assuring an optimal level of this mineral in our water system results in healthier outcomes for all of us.

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