National Drinking Water Alliance Launches

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New Digital Clearinghouse Brings 100s of Drinking Water Resources under One Roof

The National Drinking Water Alliance (NDWA), a coalition of nonprofits, academic institutions, advocates and individuals, works to ensure that all children are able to access safe water in the places where they live, learn, and play.

NDWA has just announced the launch of its new online resource clearinghouse,, with five main sections:

  • Drinking Water AllianceResearch: Here you’ll find a bibliography of research and government reports on drinking water, including some on the importance of water fluoridation for caries prevention.
  • Policy: This section contains links to model policies, regulatory language, and guides, as well as pertinent policy statements, the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics on sugary drink consumption and prevention of childhood lead toxicity, and various organizations’ support of water fluoridation for caries prevention.
  • Access: To spread the word on evidence-based best practices for water delivery to children, this page has links to other websites, toolkits, and fact sheets, as well as posters on brushing, flossing, and drinking water from the Campaign for Dental Health, and other information on fluoridated water.
  • Education: NDWA is eager to share strategies and resources to educate about and promote drinking water. Here you’ll find toolkits, fact sheets, videos and posters, including some on dental health.
  • News: Read the news about a wide variety of drinking water-related topics, such as the crisis of lead in water, and the movement to get better drinking water in schools. NDWA welcomes your contributions to this page.

There is also a Take Action page (under the About button) where visitors can see how to make a difference in our children’s lives by ensuring that all children are able to access safe water in the places where they live, learn, and play. Check out the site, contribute to it when you can, and revisit it from time to time for frequent updates.