Iowa Mayor’s Tone-Deaf Remarks

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The mayor of Hampton, Iowa (Shawn Dietz), recently attacked community water fluoridation, calling it a “heinous intrusion” on individual rights and calling for an end to the practice. A blog at Esquire magazine shared these thoughts:

In other words, George Washington didn’t have teeth, why should you?

… Local dentists have lined up against the measure, indicating that the last time they stopped fluoridating the water, between 1999 and 2005, children’s teeth began rather heinously rotting out of their heads, but (Mayor Shawn) Dietz, whose Facebook profile has 18 likes, remains undeterred in his quest to protect the purity and essence of his constituents’ patriotic fluids.

The Hampton City Council has agreed to study the issue. Meanwhile, an enterprising dental equipment manufacturer somewhere is mulling a line of American flag-themed dentures. After all, you can’t shout “Give me liberty or give me death” with any real thrust if you don’t have a sturdy pair of central incisors.