Logan, Ohio Receives Award for CWF

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CertificateThe city of Logan decided in 1963 to invest in the betterment of their community by fluoridating the community’s water. The Ohio Department of Health has presented the town with the National Fluoridation 50 Year award in recognition of their commitment to embrace better health for its residents. Logan City Mayor Martin Irvine noted that “I’m proud of the fact that the officials in 1963 took it upon themselves to implement fluoridation into the water system. The steps they took 50 years ago has proven to still be beneficial to our community.”

Carrie Farquhar, Oral Health Administrator for the Ohio Department of Health went on to state that “The Ohio Department of Health is proud of the community’s commitment to fluoridation. Dental care is the number one unmet health care need for Ohio’s children and fluoridation can dramatically reduce tooth decay.”