Lifetime Achievement Awards Presented at the Campaign for Dental Health’s Annual Meeting

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At the Annual Fluoridation Meeting – Broadening Our Sphere of Influence, the Campaign for Dental Health was pleased to present our annual determination awards and our new lifetime achievement awards.

Campaign for Dental Health 2014 Award Winners

Pictured left to right: Myron Allukian, Jr, DDS, MPH; Chuck Haynie, MD; Ernie Newbrun, DMD, PhD; Frederick J. Ferrer. Not pictured: Janet Berry, RDH; Jay Kumar, DDS, MPH

At one of the liveliest awards presentations you have ever seen (picture cowboy hats and a juggler) we were pleased to bestow the following awards:

Lifetime Achievement:
Myron Allukian, Jr, DDS, MPH
Ernie Newbrun, DMD, PhD

Frederick J Ferrer
Janet Berry, RDH
Chuck Haynie, MD
Jay Kumar, DDS, MPH

Congratulations to the well-deserving award winners! Your perseverance on behalf of the public to protect and preserve community water fluoridation is recognized and greatly appreciated.