Guard Your Health: Health and Wellness for Soldiers and Families

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Maintaining mission readiness, while balancing dual responsibilities as citizens and Soldiers, can present challenges for Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers and their families. Enter Guard Your Health, a website dedicated to the unique health and wellness needs and experiences of Army National Guard Soldiers and their families. The website provides a central online hub for the Army National Guard community to find information and resources on health topics and medical readiness.Soldiers

Good oral health is a critical component of readiness to serve. About one in ten ARNG Soldiers are medically non-deployable because of an overdue dental exam or missed dental treatment. In addition to avoidable pain and suffering, dental readiness means being ready and able to support the unit’s mission and, well, getting paid for duty. Guard Your Health supports the #GuardYourSmile initiative, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of good dental health.

Content on the website is tailored specifically for Soldiers and their roles in the Army National Guard and civilian communities. Website visitors can access health tips, expert commentary, and articles on topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, dental health, behavioral health, readiness, and family resilience.

Guard Your Health is packed with tools and information to help make total force fitness a reality for Army National Guard Soldiers and their families. On the site, visitors can:

The American Academy of Pediatrics is proud to be among the Community Support Network members who provide information and resources to Guard members and their families.