City Council Gets it Right in North Carolina

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The city council members in Mebane, North Carolina, took the right approach.  When a handful of people recently pressured them to end community water fluoridation, they turned to experts who could share clinical and scientific evidence. Councilman Ed Hooks put it this way:

“We’re not chemists. We have to make as informed a decision as we can.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Hooks and his colleagues received information from dentists and other oral health professionals in North Carolina. They heard a presentation from the assistant city manager who shared the recommendations of dozens of leading health and medical organizations.

Mike Blankenship, a dentist who works in the area, addressed the council. Speaking both as a father and dentist, he said that if he had any doubts about the safety of fluoridated water, “I’d be standing here demanding it be removed.”

So when they gathered as a council to make a final decision, it was no surprise that they voted unanimously to continue water fluoridation. The decision means that the local water utility will maintain fluoridation for Mebane and Graham, communities in which roughly 25,000 people live.