An Easy Recipe for A Happy and Healthy Childhood

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Wouldn’t it be great if children came with a recipe to make sure that they grow up happy and healthy? We know it isn’t that simple, but generally there are three ingredients we all want for kids – Laugh, Play, and Smile. Now take a minute to think about how you laugh, play, or smile when your mouth is in pain. Do you feel like going to play a game of basketball or hang out with your friends when your mouth hurts? Do you feel happy? Healthy?

Oral health is often overlooked in childhood. Since baby teeth fall out, many parents don’t understand why they should make the investment to care for them. The reason is simple, because children who don’t have healthy teeth, who suffer in pain from dental caries or even abscessed teeth, aren’t able to laugh, play, and smile. And without these things they don’t get to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.

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