Consider the Evidence: Fluoride for Healthy Futures

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We were excited to see a guest blog post entitled Consider the Evidence: Fluoride for Healthy Futures on The Huffington at the beginning of February. We’re passionate about the preventive benefits of community water fluoridation, but we don’t often see the topic covered in national, main stream media.

Fluoride ToxicologyWe were even more excited to see that the guest blogger, Mirissa Price, is one of a group of 2019 Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) candidates who collaborated on a statement on CWF as part of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s Global and Public Health Curriculum.

These soon-to-be dentists are part of an age demographic that frequently expresses ambivalence about CWF despite belonging to a generation that, if raised in the United States, benefited from the widespread practice. Eighteen to 34 year olds have better oral health, and suffer from fewer communicable childhood diseases, because of the protection they received from CWF and vaccines. Those that are also parents in this cohort must navigate a universe of information and misinformation that is often confusing and, increasingly, contributes to decision-making that ultimately may lead to phenomena like measles epidemics and the removal of fluoride from local water systems.

So we are not only pleased for Ms. Price and her colleagues that they were published by, but we are eager to welcome young public health leadership to oral health and fluoridation advocacy.