Portland Group Cherry-Picking Science

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The Oregonian newspaper has posted a letter from a local resident who recently visited the website of an anti-fluoride group in Portland. The website belongs to a group called “Clean Water Portland” and the resident, Jeff Azerrad, wanted to see what evidence the group had for its claims that fluoridated water was harmful. He writes:

… I clicked their “Get the Facts” link, which lead me to a handful of supporting sources. One of the few sources cited is a newspaper article lacking peer-review, while another, that they prominently display, is a National Academy of Science literature review on the effects of fluoride exposure.

In reading the NAS report summary, the Academy states that the scope of their review is on the effects of fluoride at concentrations much higher than what Portland’s proposed.


This is a common tactic of anti-fluoride activists — cite studies that examined exposures to levels that are far higher than the ones used to fluoridate drinking water here in the U.S.

It’s one thing to cherry pick science, but it’s another when your cherry-picked science doesn’t even support your claim because it’s taken out of context.


We could not have said it better.