Cavities Get Around

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We hate to admit it, but while fruit juice may be a readily-available alternative to perishable fruit, it contains a concentrated amount of sugar and contributes to the unhealthy levels of added sugar Americans consume every day. Added sugar contributes widely to weight gain, obesity, risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease and, of course, tooth decay (cavities). It is especially harmful when consumed instead of water with fluoride, which strengthens teeth.

To help get the message out, the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation has created a series of new, Cavities Get Around ads in English and Spanish. These are now live at the links below and graphically highlight the amount of sugar we ingest from juice. Check them out!

Cavities Get Around30-second Cavities Get Around TV ad:
15-second Cavities Get Around TV ad – soccer scene:
15-second Cavities Get Around TV ad – bedtime scene: