Back 2 School + Smiles = Back 2 Smiles!

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School Oral HealthIt’s that great time of year when parents and kids start gearing up to go back to school. But for many children, classroom learning will be disrupted by pain from tooth decay. This is especially sad because the pain and suffering that send so many kids to the school nurse – and even the emergency room – are almost completely preventable.

We know how to keep kids’ teeth healthy so that they go back to school ready to learn. Drinking water with fluoride is an important part of a routine that includes brushing with fluoride toothpaste and avoiding starchy snacks and sugary drinks. It bathes the teeth in small amounts of this protective mineral throughout the day. What could be simpler?!

Children start life with teeth that do not ever need to experience decay, so we asked preschoolers to tell us what they know about how brushing their teeth and what keeps them healthy and strong. See what these four, five and six year olds have to say about keeping their teeth shiny and strong.

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