American Fluoridation Society Targets Inaccurate Information in U.S. Communities

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Although the leading health, medical and scientific organizations continue to recommend community water fluoridation as a valuable tool to reduce tooth decay, anti-fluoride groups have become increasingly successful at using the internet to misinform, confuse or needlessly frighten the public. To combat this, a group of dental and medical professionals recently announced the creation of the American Fluoridation Society (AFS) which will work to debunk myths and clarify the evidence behind fluoridation’s safety and benefits.

The AFS will provide testimony and technical assistance to state and local communities that are seeking to start fluoridation or defend the practice against attacks. Dr Johnny Johnson, a pediatric dentist who is AFS’s president, says the organization will move aggressively to assist communities that want to share the facts about fluoride. “AFS will be active both online and on the ground,” he declared.

“Before fluoride was added to water and toothpaste, tooth decay was a sad and painful fact of life for nearly all Americans,” Dr Johnson explained. “Although we see fewer cavities today, tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease for children and adults.”

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