ADEA Sets the Record Straight about Fluoride

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In the October issue of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Charting Progress newsletter, ADEA President and CEO Dr Rick Valachovic explains why community water fluoridation is such an important public health intervention. He discusses some of the recent challenges to fluoridation and takes the opportunity to debunk many myths about the practice. In a time when much scrutiny is being placed on this invaluable public health intervention, Dr Valachovic encourages readers to take action, saying that “there is an urgent need to steer people toward reliable sources of accurate information so they can play an informed role in decision-making around this crucial aspect of the public health infrastructure.” He even refers to the Campaign for Dental Health and our new guides for health professionals as resources to aid in this process!

While highlighting the benefits of fluoridation, Dr Valachovic admonishes us that “70 years after its introduction in the United States, community water fluoridation can no longer be taken for granted.” and adds that the “ADEA supports and encourages fluoridation of community water supplies and the use of topical fluoride.”