ADA Hosts Celebration of 70 Years of Water Fluoridation

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Marking an important public health anniversary, 90 people from 28 states and two countries came together at the American Dental Association (ADA) Headquarters on September 11-12 to celebrate water fluoridation and the positive effect it has had on the public’s oral health.

ADA Water DropDr Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sent greetings via a video in which he noted that fluoridation is everything a public health intervention should be — cost effective, equitable, safe and highly impactful.

Dr Raymond Gist, 2010-11 ADA president, provided his perspective on the history of fluoridation and was followed by Evanston, Illinois, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl who discussed the role Evanston played in early fluoridation trials in the 1940s. Dr Chase Klinesteker provided the Grand Rapids story and discussed his experience as a child participant in the Grand Rapids fluoridation trial.

The remainder of the day-and-a-half event was dedicated to discussing the current science surrounding fluoridation, sharing legislative and legal strategies, and focusing efforts on securing water fluoridation for U.S. communities with expert panelists and presenters. Additional information can be found here.